writer. credentialed teacher. artist. 
dog mom.
traveler. licensed manicurist. child of the 80's. 


I  used to live in an Airstream on the river with my cat, Calamity Jane. The ceiling was plastered with iridescent glitter and the toilet was spray painted gold. When it rained, I would grab a page-turner and a hot cup of tea as the tap tap tapping of the water droplets hit the tin roof.

I used to live in Japan in a tiny apartment on a hill. Even in the snow, I rode my bike to work. Every day I rolled past a hot stone ramen shop called Hormone. And every day I wondered, do you think the owners know what that means?

I used to live near the boardwalk in Santa Cruz with a hipster named Duffy. She would meet men on OkCupid and invite them over for casual one night stands. In the morning when the strangers woke, she’d be gone. Providing confused men with breakfast cereal became my morning ritual.

I used to live in the capital of Brazil. Walking from my apartment to the bus stop there was a 50-50 chance an antagonistic monkey would throw an avocado at my head. Everyone thinks Brazil is a dangerous country; they have no idea.

I used to live in a historic red victorian on the Arcata Square. Once a brothel, our living room was adorned with a built-in prohibition bar and the upstairs quarters were originally designed as ‘private rooms’ for the ladies. Because of this strange layout, it took us several months to realize nobody knew the man who slept in the laundry room.

I used to live with two indoor chickens named Hot Wings and Nugget. The cabin had a wine barrel hot tub overlooking the San Lorenzo River. I learned a lot that year — notably that chickens make better outdoor pets.

I used to live in an art co-op in "the bad part of town" with my best friend. Our SF rent was cheap because the previous tenant, an old man named Norm, had died in our space, leaving behind all his artistic taxidermy and nipple sculptures. Between the stuffed foxes and frequent gunshots outside our window, sleep was nearly impossible.

I currently live in an industrial building in the Mission District with my husband, Pol, and our dog Boots. Behind the couch is a giant window perfect for people watching. One minute you’re enjoying your coffee watching the leaves turn, and the next it’s Folsom Street Fair.


MullenLowe L.A. - Junior Copywriter
July - Present 2020
patrón. hawaiian airlines. ca avocados. two lane.  

AKQA - Copywriting Intern
Jan - Mar 2020
oculus. levi's. UNICEF. adobe. facebook.

Molekule -  Freelance Copywriter
Mar 2019 - Jan 2020
print. social. radio. ux. product.

Lola MullenLowe Barcelona - Copywriting Intern
Oct - Dec 2019
nike. tous. amplifon.

Tenured Teacher 
2013 - 2018
2009 - 2012
public. charter. international. private.

Wild River Community Foundation - Program Manager
2012 - 2013
accidentally became a boss


Miami Ad School 
2018 - 2020

willy wonka's school for wayward creatives

Bethany University
Masters Degree in Education
 2009 - 2010 
fancy paper

University of California, Santa Cruz
Bachelors in English
2005 - 2009
all the words


D&AD - Wood Pencil - BK "Grubtitles"
D&AD - Wood Pencil  - Yula "Unbelievable Energy" 
D&AD - Wood Pencil - Lego "Misfits"
The Andy Awards - Gold - BK "Grubtitles"

Creative Conscience - Lego "Misfits" 
Applied Arts - Winner - BK "Grubtitles"
The Drum - Silver - North Face "The Store That Sells Nothing" 
The Drum - Silver -Martini "Airtime" 
The Drum - Best Stunt & Best Political - Martini "Airtime"  
New York Festival - Short List - Martini "Airtime"
New York Festival - Short List -   GiffGaff "United in Love"
New York Festival - Shortlist - North Face "The Store That Sells Nothing" 
New York Festival - Finalist -  BK "Grubtitles"
Muse - Gold  - GiffGaff "United in Love"
Muse - Gold - Martini "Airtime"
Muse - Platinum - North Face "The Store that Sells Nothing"
Muse - Top 3 - North Face " The Store that Sells Nothing"
Vega - Gold - GiffGaff "United in Love"
Vega - Bronze - Martini "Airtime"


Applied Arts Annual (Magazine) - BK "Grubtitles"  Feature


Premiere Pro
After Effects
Blender 3D