Facebook Horizon 

︎︎︎The fun is in the making. 


ECD: E.B. Davis
(...and a bunch of other people).
My role: concepting, campaign tagline, manifesto.

Manifesto - Make it Messy

Grab a coverall y’all, it’s about to get messy. 

Dip your fingers into the virtual. 
Smear it around. Feel the squish.

Build the world of your dream,
without the limitations of saws and nails.
Chuck em.

Scale. Smash. Rebuild.
Rules? Nahhhh. 
Toss those too. 

Embrace play. Invite friends. Make it magic.
Wipe it clean and start over. 

Kiss the blank page goodbye 
on your way out of this static popsicle stand. 

It’s a new dimension rising 
and it’s about to get wild.